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Linda Petrie Bunch

Linda Petrie Bunch

Linda Petrie Bunch
1024 Cherokee St
Suite 275
Denver, CO 80204
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Artist Statement

Iím restless, but my paintings are calm. As an avid outdoor photographer, I keep life lively with travel adventures, shooting photos that make great painting references. Often I start a plein air painting and finish it in the studio with a different notion, which adds another dimension to the arrangement.

Composition, unique perspective, and depth perception are important to my painting process, as are texture and color. Iím fond of layers and a combination of thick and thin paint enhanced with a palette knife. While my paintings can be described as representational, I am also drawn to the abstraction of my subjects. Harmony and rhythm add to the metaphors, and as I progress Iím becoming more in tuned with atmosphere, abstraction and story.