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Jeannie Paty

Jeannie Paty

Jeannie Paty

Artist Statement

Jeannie Paty is a Contemporary Oil Painter with Fresh Colorful Paintings to Enrich Your Life

Art begins with a little spark of inspiration from everyday life. The artist takes it in, reinterprets it and then re-presents it in their unique and imaginative way. I believe the role of an artist is to be a like a poet & a composer. Whether it is painting, poetry, music, sculpture or dance, an artist uses their medium of choice as a vehicle for expression. An artist has to be more than just someone who copies nature in a literal way. When the artist is like a "poet", they are the individual who has vision, hope and passion to create and communicate their idea from a personal point of view. When the artist is like a "composer", they are the ones who interpret & organize all the elements such as: values, shapes, light, color, edges & texture in painting, and constantly compare how these elements interplay. They are the ones who arrange the elements in a beautiful, poetic and aesthetic manner.

As an oil painter, I'm a colorist at heart. The common thread that weaves through all my paintings is a fresh, colorful palette. My style leans towards contemporary and my brushwork tends to be expressive, bold & graphic. My work also has a painterly quality with a nice balance of thick, juicy impasto strokes next to thin rhythmic brushstrokes. Simple moments in life can stop me in my tracks. I find the most ordinary, everyday experiences and the people around me to be incredibly beautiful. With my paintings, I celebrate scenes from everyday life. Whether my painting is of sailboats docked at a marina, friends having coffee at a local cafe, couples strolling along city streets, fresh flowers, watermelons and a pitcher of lemonade or an inanimate object like a tube of lipstick, I am drawn to the rhythm and harmony of things. I'm intrigued by color harmony and the way light affects different surfaces under different lighting conditions such as natural sunlight vs. indoor lighting and their subtle nuances of color. I will purposely contrast elements such as warm vs. cool, light vs. shadow, thick vs. thin, small vs. large to intentionally create visual tension. As a designer of my paintings, I will also tie big value shapes together for pleasing relationships because value is truly the secret to good compositions.

Yet art isn't always about making the perfect painting and being technically correct. Sometimes it's more about tapping into ones' own intuition and being able to translate that gut feeling one has towards the subject matter and painting it with passion. My endeavor is to not only think like a poet & a composer but to take what inspires me and reinterpret it in an imaginative, artistic way... making the world more beautiful one painting at a time.