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Karen G Myers

Karen G Myers

Karen G Myers
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Artist Statement

For me, the value of painting from life is a gift of depth and vision. What I have lived, viewed, and experienced, becomes crystallized and forever etched in my psyche. The work takes on a life and energy of its own, and it is that energy that I hope lives on through the painting and captures the imagination of the viewer.

Each painting evolves though the interaction of the subject matter and my materials.  I am fascinated with light, and the effect it has on the mood of a painting.  With light, whether it be through shadows, weather, or subtle color change, gives parameters to the work. Each color and brush stroke I put down leads to the next.  I often paint many layers, letting each dry in between. I am guided by the textures that arise; the interplay of colors laid on top of each other. I strive on the micro level for random shapes that take on a life of their own without actually losing the original subject matter.  Success for me is to create a work of art that reads just as well from a distance, as it does 2 inches from the surface. The painting becomes all about interactive textures, materials, colors and shapes.