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Randy Hale

Randy Hale

Randy Hale

3610 West Linvale Place
Denver, CO 80236-2230
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Artist Statement

Dramatic use of light in Randy's watercolor paintings is a singular element that most often defines his work. With strong shadow defining form, backlighting of subjects, and letting gesture provide clues, he creates a story in which the viewer participates by filling in imagined detail. This interplay between artist and viewer is a key element that brings an understated strength to his painting.

Randy Hale is a natural-born teacher. As he "demos" a painting for his classes Randy manages to carry on an easy conversation with students, explaining each step and decision as he paints. He is equally comfortable depicting all subjects, using landscapes, portraits, figures or abstracts to illustrate a point.

Randy encourages his students to create a story in which the viewer can participate. His mantra of "less is more" rallies painters to simplify, suggest or imply - letting water do most of the work to prevent compositions from becoming overcomplicated. By inspiring a viewer to imagine detail where none may actually exist, he entreats the viewer to engage in your painting as a full participant. And therein lies the magic of a good painting!

Randy's been a practicing artist, illustrator, designer, and manufacturer of ideas for many years. Not only is he a product of California's Art Center of Design, but he's had a long and successful career in sales and marketing. Many years of working with clients has provided Randy with a comfort level in expressing ideas and explaining concepts so they are easy to comprehend.

Randy connects easily with people and this rapport translates well in the depiction of those subjects he paints!