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Mary Dunn

Mary Dunn

Mary Dunn
2330 South Fillmore
Denver,Colorado 80210
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Artist Statement

“The feel of the paint as I brush it on the canvas and the joy of expressing my passion are some of the poignant reasons I paint."

Mary Dunn’s eagerness for art began when she was a child. Over the years she has actively participated in art starting during her school years and continued through various careers as a medical illustrator, educator and now as a professional artist.

Dunn has traveled the world observing the diversity of human faces as well as the personalities of cities and villages. Studying the world's outstanding art as well as painting Africa, Italy, France and Germany and the US West have been some of her happiest and most insightful times. “In my home studio inspiration comes from my photographs of fleeting moments, memories, still life material, and intuition.”

Dunn’s background, as well as her study with Colorado artists, Quang Ho, Mark Daily, Kim English, Kim Mackey, Jordan Wolfson and Jerry De La Cruz, have contributed to her own style which reflects realism, impressionism, and non representational art.