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Errol Beauchamp

Errol Beauchamp

Errol Beauchamp
27135 Mountain Park Rd
Evergreen, Colorado 80439
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Artist Statement

Errol's passionate need to draw and create forms began after secretly seeing his father's illustrations. His desire to understand and create continued through college, and he followed a career as a brand designer before embracing sculpture. To be close to his true desire, he accepted the challenges to work with the Celebrate Colorado Artist Festival and the Art Students League of Denver.

Form is defined for Errol by the awakening light of day. Every walk into nature defines his memory as a sketch that will become a bold new form.

His work celebrates the existence of life and earth. Life is filled with bursts of energy and movement, then quiet calm and stillness, followed by another burst of energy. Drawing was his first expression, and he continues to use lines as language to define movement and give reference to moments when movement is at rest.

The changing light of day shares a bold new form. Studying the movement of human form requires him to observe the same quickness that he sees in a bird in flight. And recognizing the changes and movements of canyon walls pulls him into long moments of observation, so that he can begin to understand the living earth that seems to be at rest.

Color becomes an important element of each sculpture. It's a subtle elixir that stirs a quiet emotional response within us, as our eyes move across and around a bold form. He wants people to touch the forms as they connect with their own sense of the moment.

Errol takes a common metal, like a alchemist, and transforms it into a mysterious form that will catch the changing light of the day to lift imagination. The twist and turns he sees daily, allows him to transform a sketch into an intimate relationship with the memories we all have of nature and life.